Virtual desktop infrastructure is the ‘Wright’ solution for solicitors

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Established in 1919 Wright Solicitors is a well-respected niche law firm, with a range of services designed to meet the needs of individuals, families and businesses within the local area.


In the months preceding our work with Wright Solicitors, they had been struggling with the service from their incumbent IT support provider. The firm operated with a very dated on-premise solution, utilising a small business server, sat in a cupboard in one of its offices.

The system was poorly configured and riddled with problems, with users complaining their productivity was being impacted by the constantly failing IT infrastructure.


The solution started with a review of the existing service, including a full network optimisation audit, designed to highlight problems and establish the most appropriate solution.

The review discovered clear reasons for the system failing so badly and so repeatedly. The communication links were poor, having been sold a consumer based broadband not a business broadband. We were able to rectify the problem easily, using our own communications specialists Qvoice, to implement a proper business based broadband solution.

Beyond just the communication issues, we provided the firm with viable upgrade options for both an on-premise solution and Cloud based IT Infrastructure.

Following consultation and the client’s approval of our plans, we created and implemented a dedicated Hosted Desktop platform, which removes the need for any server infrastructure at Wright Solicitors’ offices. Using our secure infrastructure in Tamworth also removes the need to go through the laborious and expensive task of upgrades every three to five years as that’s all part of our contract. The customer will always have access to the latest technology, be it the quickest storage or the latest software.

Before Wright Solicitors approached us for support, they had already purchased new servers and so rather than waste the hardware, we installed it in our data centre and utilise ‘Terminal Services’ to allow users to log in remotely from various types of devices and ‘thin’ clients.

When logging in with their username and password, each user creates their own client sessions on the server and starts using their desktop just as if it was on a local machine.

Users can still utilise the local ports and peripherals of the machine from which they are accessing their applications to ensure printing or using a memory stick presents no problem while logged in remotely.

All software is procured on a SPLA basis, with the number of licences available on a monthly cost basis. This means our hosted desktop solution is truly utilities based, allowing organisations to increase or decrease user licences without having to make any upfront investment – the more the client uses, the more they pay and vice versa.

After installing all the necessary applications we then proceeded to migrate all user information and migrate all email information. Finally we implemented new end user computers for all staff and taught them how to use the new hosted desktop facility.


Wright Solicitors now conducts its business safely and securely thanks to a fully-functional and flexible IT system which gives reliability and stability. Wright Solicitors bases its reputation on delivering a personal, high quality service and that is easier with the new IT infrastructure we have provided.

End users and clients can now communicate much more easily both in the office and elsewhere, meaning productivity has increased and so, in turn, has efficiency.

The firm’s new email service, with advanced anti-spam filters, helps improve connectivity and removes unnecessary administration jobs from the daily list of routine tasks which was previously concerning users.

Accessing the full suite of applications via the virtual desktop infrastructure helps future-proof Wright Solicitors while the work carried out by Quiss engineers in our hosting centre helps to reduce the risk of the business compromising compatibility should it make changes to individual machines.


“The quality of their service, installing a new infrastructure and getting staff trained so they are not just up to speed but efficient and capable is something that exceeded all our expectations.” Julia Allely – Partner and Solicitor, Wright Solicitors.

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