Disaster recovery plan provides peace of mind for Rochesters

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Established in 1985, Rochesters Chartered Accountants are a leading firm based in the St Paul’s Jewellery Quarter area in Birmingham with around 20 full-time staff.

Rochesters employ staff with a range of skills to meet the diverse needs that clients may be looking for from their accountants. This includes tax specialists who deal with compliance, corporate finance, auditing and accounting, bespoke planning and advisory services to name just a few.


Rochesters had been unhappy with the service they were receiving from their incumbent IT partner so had taken the decision to look for an alternative provider.

Whilst we were completing a review of their current arrangements and implementing our Support Plus contract (see separate case study), it became apparent that they had no Disaster Recovery plan in place. This left them very exposed should the worst happen.


After discussions with Rochesters, the decision was taken to implement our Disaster Recovery Ship to Site service into their business.

We have 4 service levels available within the Ship to Site suite depending on the level of response required in the event of a disaster. Rochesters opted for our Silver level offering.


With this service, all hardware is commissioned and deployed to the secondary site within 24 hours of notification of the disaster.

An initial configuration exercise would be undertaken, with Rochesters’ operating system, all their applications and also all their data being loaded on-site.

Rochesters opted to add on daily back ups to their Silver package. This means that should a disaster strike, everything has been backed up so they will have real time access to their data as soon as they are set up at their secondary site.

They would also receive full on-site support and use of the system for up to 8 weeks, although this can be extended if it was needed.

To ensure that the recovery plan is fully functional and meets Rochesters requirements, once everything has been put in place, we undertake a ‘dummy’ disaster exercise.

This process involves a practice run of the entire exercise of shipping their business to the secondary site just as it would do in the case of a real disaster to ensure there are no issues.

Stephen Rochester, Managing Director at Rochesters said “The staged exercise is an excellent opportunity to check that we really do have everything covered. It gives peace of mind that if a disaster did strike that we would be fully functional again in no time at all.”

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