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Prestwood Software Ltd provides comprehensive Financial Planning software. It includes client facing and practice management modules which interlink to show a client a projection of their financial future, opportunities and challenges.

Many of the UK’s most successful lifestyle financial planners, leading networks, accountancy firms and legal practices feature amongst the company’s impressive client list.

Prestwood continues to pioneer innovative, accurate and user-friendly products to extend the functionality, flexibility and compatibility of its software.

Cloud with a silver lining

The software that had been developed over many years by Prestwood, was designed as an on-premise solution, installed by each customer on their own servers or individual machines as required.

The task of supporting the servers on which the software was installed was becoming an obstacle to supporting the software itself.

The senior management team, at Prestwood recognised the benefits for their clients, of transforming the software into a web based application. This would allow users to access the application using a dedicated URL, simply entering a secure user name and password to get instant access.

The switch to a cloud-based solution would importantly allow users to access the product with any device, from anywhere, at any time.

Prestwood were equally clear on what they did not want; expensive servers sitting in customers’ offices, ongoing hardware maintenance or the need to undertake regular internal backups.

The intention was to ensure all Prestwood clients have exactly the same user experience, but without having to make any changes to their IT infrastructure.

Hassle free switch to hosted platform

To achieve the right solution and satisfy the company’s ambition, the desired outcome could have been reached by Prestwood spending a lot of time and money re-writing their entire software range specifically for the new hosted environment.

However, given the need to transform their offering quickly, to remain at the forefront of providing financial planning software without any interruption to the service, a practical alternative was sought.

Following a period of intensive investigation and consultation, with considerable time spent to understand Prestwood’s business, we recommended that they switch from their current on-premise solution to an Application Deployment Platform (ADP).

This would allow them to host their applications and make them available to clients, without users having to make any changes to their own infrastructure.

The platform would make the software available as it currently exists, without any re-write or new code having to be added. And it allows the transition to a hosted environment to happen very quickly.

A flexible service that suits ISVs

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) like Prestwood, require hosting partners that not only provide the infrastructure capable of delivering their applications, but offer the flexibility of service that allows a dedicated or shared solution dependent on the ISVs preference.

We design each solution to address a different set of unique needs, mixing public, hybrid and private hosting.

A dedicated infrastructure can be created for the sole use of an ISV to enable them to slice and dice for its customers, or if preferred, they can utilise our shared infrastructure to deliver the same applications.

Software as a Service (SaaS) typically lends itself to the shared infrastructure model, purely because user counts can be increased or decreased without any further capital investment.

As you might expect, our approach to working with ISVs is very flexible. We are happy acting as the ISV Partner and allowing the client to determine their own level of costing, or we can become the ISV and provide fee income or even white label our services as the ISV’s own solution.

Like most of our services, we are happy to tailor everything to help clients achieve their desired outcomes; if it’s not on the list, it’s because no one has asked yet!

Hosting helps sales not just users

The installation of a web based application to replace the existing hardware system has helped Prestwood change the way they work and improve the service they offer their customers. It has not only made the company’s software easier to sell, but easier to use and easier to manage.

A simple upload to the Quiss platform, ensures all the necessary changes are implemented for every user, without them having to lift a mouse.

Prestwood can now spend time and resources continuing to develop their innovative software, rather than just re-writing it as it currently stands, helping consolidate and streamline its processes to improve efficiency.

Thanks to our ability to ensure access to our hosting service has the look and feel of each client’s application, the new hosted Prestwood application is identical in appearance to the original on-premise version.

This provides end-users with confidence and means no training is required as they will notice no change in the application environment or user experience when logging into the new system.

We expect to help many other successful and ambitious ISVs like Prestwood make the successful move to the Cloud, addressing their unique needs with a dedicated mix of public, hybrid and private hosting solutions.

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