Beware of fake tech support phone calls
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That's right, fake technical support people are calling people on the telephone and trying to defraud them in numerous ways. The fraudulent callers represent themselves as being from Microsoft and other brands believed to be trusted by the intended victims.

The calls seem to originate from overseas call centres, but often use caller ID numbers that appear to be local. They likely are taking advantage of extremely cheap Voice Over IP technologies that allow them to purchase local phone numbers.

They falsely claim the user's computer has been sending error messages to them and that they are calling to help fix their PCs. Their modus operandi varies, although the outcome is always the same: them stealing your money.

They usually offer to assist you through remote control software, often from legitimate vendors like LogMeIn. Once they are able to access your PC they will install fake anti-virus software or other malware and charge you for the privilege. This way they get two bites at the apple... Once for the technical support incident and another when you pay for the rogue security suite.

We have had reports from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the United States as well. Stay vigilant and remember, hanging up isn't rude when someone is calling to scam you.

Credit: Chester Wisniewski. Click for Original URL

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