The end is near for Windows 7

The end date for extended support of Windows 7 is now only a year away – 365 days to be precise, but who’s counting?! On January 14, 2020 Microsoft will officially end its support of the operating system and will no longer provide updates that ensure continued user security. This means the developer will no … Continue reading The end is near for Windows 7

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Sophisticated phishing attacks – can you spot the danger?

By now, most organisations are aware of the potential damage phishing emails can cause, as cybercriminals invest more time into creating sophisticated attacks that are harder to detect. Understanding that the weakest point of company security is its workforce, carefully constructed emails are sent to employees in a bid to dupe unsuspecting individuals, allowing the … Continue reading Sophisticated phishing attacks – can you spot the danger?

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Skype for Business compatible headsets

Although there have never been more ways to communicate with each other, voice remains crucial for most businesses, especially when combined with the ability to see the individual speaking, as it is with Skype for Business. But when using the app in a busy, noisy office for important work calls, rather than personal calls in … Continue reading Skype for Business compatible headsets

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Microsoft Inspire 2018

Inspire was slightly different this year as Microsoft combined the gathering of Partners from around the globe with an event for Microsoft staff too, making the total number of people descending on Las Vegas around 40,000. What I really enjoy is that Inspire always provides a platform for like-minded partners to engage with each other … Continue reading Microsoft Inspire 2018

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Char and a chat with Chattertons

Now we’re always looking at new services to make the lives of our clients easier, but this time we may have gone too far – it’s not every day your Commercial Services Manager dons his apron and pushes the tea trolley around a law firm’s offices. The story started well before Christmas, when Conscious Solutions, … Continue reading Char and a chat with Chattertons

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Beyond business as usual

As a provider of managed IT services, much of our focus is on keeping our clients’ businesses running as they should; robust, well organised systems enabling people to do what they do best. But like icebergs, there is much more below the surface. Our technical consultants, currently a team of 21 led by myself, Jason … Continue reading Beyond business as usual

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Training continues to help improve productivity

We often talk about technological advances, new apps and upgraded versions of familiar favourites, like Microsoft Office. But as is the case with most tools, unless you are trained how to use them effectively, you will never use all the features, or be as productive as you can be. At a recent presentation, I delivered … Continue reading Training continues to help improve productivity

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A future without servers?

Whilst the world is still coming to terms with all the immediate benefits of Cloud computing, technology is already moving on to the next best thing. The pace of change is not just relentless but seems to be accelerating; no pausing for breath whilst those at the back catch up. The next big step for … Continue reading A future without servers?

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Teams gets serious one year on

Like most Microsoft offerings, it continues to change and add new features, all aimed at helping your people do more in less time, work closer together and move projects along more quickly. As more and more people are used to chat-based tools, like iMessage, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, working in a persistent chat-mode is no … Continue reading Teams gets serious one year on

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Making sense of Unified Communications

Technology is a subject that loves an abbreviation and more than its fair share of acronyms; unified communications is no different with a lot of jargon too. And when we work with these terms every day, it’s easy for us to forget how readily our conversations become hard to understand – let alone remain interesting! … Continue reading Making sense of Unified Communications

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Shortcuts for Outlook 2016

Continuing our theme of bringing you useful tips and shortcuts to help you be a little more productive every day using the familiar Microsoft Office 365 apps, here are a few for Outlook. There’s so much more to it than just creating a new message, typing and hitting send. It will help you manage a … Continue reading Shortcuts for Outlook 2016

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Why outsource your IT support?

The choice between outsourcing IT support or retaining an in-house IT team is a hard one, with both options offering advantages. The advantages are different however and which one better reflects your ambition and chosen strategy will help you decide which is right for your organisation. And of course, it’s not a straight forward either/or … Continue reading Why outsource your IT support?

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Making more of your Office with Circyl

Let’s assume you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription and you know what most of the apps do. Like most users across the world, you’re familiar with Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and even SharePoint, all of which you use regularly if not every minute of every day. But recently, you think you might be missing … Continue reading Making more of your Office with Circyl

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Shortcuts for Word 2016

We know some of these will be familiar to a lot of you, but this is a useful list of the more popular shortcuts that will speed up your typing in Word. For those of you touch-typing your way around the keyboard, these tips will help you avoid reaching for the mouse. Everyone else should … Continue reading Shortcuts for Word 2016

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Helping Darlingtons achieve Cyber Essentials Plus

We have been providing managed IT services to Darlingtons Solicitors LLP, for more than a year now and recently supported their ambition to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus compliance. The growing North London based law firm, recognised the importance of demonstrating to their clients and prospects that they understand the need for a robust, secure IT … Continue reading Helping Darlingtons achieve Cyber Essentials Plus

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Help at home at hand

We spend our time almost exclusively helping clients benefit from robust, secure, well-managed IT infrastructures and systems, with their homes only considered for remote access. But given the prevalence of viruses and cyber-crime, to say nothing of the growing number of sites unsuitable for minors, we are recommending for the first time a free home … Continue reading Help at home at hand

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Golfing in the rain for a change

The sun has always shone brightly on the annual Quiss Technology Golf Day, but we knew one day our luck would run out. In September, the heavens opened and the drought ended, however spirits were not dampened and a good time was had by all; judging by the bar bill. De Vere Staverton Park Golf … Continue reading Golfing in the rain for a change

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Training Day

Organisations constantly invest in new technology, update their software and implement new applications, with an expectation of greater productivity and efficiency; to say nothing of security. Much is made of the increased speed of new operating systems, the ability to extract valuable data from every department or features available with the new hosted telephony handsets … Continue reading Training Day

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Getting to grips with the licensing laws

If your business is running on Microsoft products, purchased under an Open or Select licensing programme, the software giant can require you to undertake a software asset management review (SAM). It sounds scary and for some it can be. As you might suspect, they are looking to help organisations comply with the conditions of their … Continue reading Getting to grips with the licensing laws

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Infrastructure Audit

We may be building a reputation for delivering high-quality outsourced IT support for organisations of all sizes, across all sectors, but once the ink is dry on the contract, how do we bring new clients into our management? Here I will explain the process undertaken by myself as Head of Technical Services and my team of … Continue reading Infrastructure Audit

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Move lots of data fast with Azure ExpressRoute

We recently worked with a client who had committed fully to the cloud, but was suffering a poor service as data transfer to and from the data centre was slow – hence the call to Quiss. Amongst a host of changes made, we suggested installing a new Gigabit leased line, with an Azure ExpressRoute connection, … Continue reading Move lots of data fast with Azure ExpressRoute

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Closer to ITIL with Cherwell

Quiss is not just a technology business. It is a service business with our clients’ users at its core. It is this understanding that shapes the way we work and our determination to continually improve the service we deliver to users, particularly those who have an IT problem interrupting their working day. It has been … Continue reading Closer to ITIL with Cherwell

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Washington 2017 another inspirational trip

This July, the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) took place in Washington which seemed appropriate for the biggest partner event in the firm’s history. As usual, we were there to witness the future according to Microsoft, but this was our first as a 1-Tier Cloud Solution Provider which made it somehow even more important … Continue reading Washington 2017 another inspirational trip

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The Fabulous Baker Boys

Like many businesses across the UK, the Quiss offices exuded the intoxicating aroma of coffee, tea, cake and savouries as we hosted our own big coffee morning in support of Macmillan. Thanks to the popularity of the Great British Bake Off, there was no shortage of bakers, ready to lay their creativity and cake-baking skills … Continue reading The Fabulous Baker Boys

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Growing pains but a good year for Quiss

It has been a year of growth and recruitment for Quiss, with a determination to improve our service leading to a 13% increase in our turnover as we hit £9.1 million for 12 months to May 2017. We strengthened our position as one of the leading providers of managed IT services to the legal sector, … Continue reading Growing pains but a good year for Quiss

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Sports day challenge

We have always prided ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our clients, typically demonstrated with a renewed support contract. But when invited to enter a team into a client’s School Sports Fun Day event, we know we must be doing something right, particularly when the client is a law firm and not a … Continue reading Sports day challenge

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Inner space at the heart of Quiss service

The question we are often asked by clients and prospects, is how can we guarantee such a quick turnaround on equipment that has broken, stopped working or needs a replacement part. The answer is simple and evident in the photos that accompany this story; a large stock of spares. A wander round our vast warehouse … Continue reading Inner space at the heart of Quiss service

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Effective backup? Are you Azure?

In amongst all the noise generated by the high profile WannaCry ransomware virus and the British Airways computer system problems (to put it mildly) in May, one fact that has emerged is for every organisation to have a good, accessible, recent backup of their systems and data. We all now operate in the information age; … Continue reading Effective backup? Are you Azure?

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The cloud is your friend

The cloud is often viewed with suspicion by those that have spent years developing a sophisticated and robust on-premise infrastructure, but it has much to offer and is more friend than foe. It is difficult to ignore the lure of the cloud and for those still assessing its benefits alongside their still-capable on-premise infrastructure, we … Continue reading The cloud is your friend

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Space – the final frontier

New business is good; it’s the lifeblood of our business. But once the elation has subsided, the reality sinks in. Resourcing the service. Support for the majority of our clients starts with a call to the helpdesk. And thanks to a growing number of calls, because we have more clients not more problems, we need … Continue reading Space – the final frontier

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A day on the Quiss helpdesk

For most users, everything runs as it should, files are found, passwords are remembered, reports print and IT problems are something suffered by others. But when it goes wrong, who you gonna call? Our clients call the helpdesk and a team of dedicated individuals, who sit on the frontline in the battle to keep clients’ … Continue reading A day on the Quiss helpdesk

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Time for a team talk?

Everybody knows what they get with Office 365, with familiar apps that most organisations rely on heavily, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype and Outlook. But what about the features that keep getting added, with little fanfare, which offer huge potential to help improve efficiency and productivity? The latest of these recently added features is Microsoft … Continue reading Time for a team talk?

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Who else is using your business phone?

The cost of telecoms fraud is currently estimated to be almost double that of credit card fraud, but with businesses keen to protect against brand damaging stories, few get to hear about the crimes and more importantly how to combat them. Here in the UK, there remains a growing and costly risk to the security … Continue reading Who else is using your business phone?

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Why ISO 27001:2013 matters

As you read this, Quiss Technology will have completed the rigorous process that comes around every three years, to ensure we retain our ISO 27001:2013 certification, the internationally acclaimed standard for information security management accredited by UKAS. And for those of our readers who are customers, this is really important. It demonstrates the importance everyone … Continue reading Why ISO 27001:2013 matters

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Smaller businesses should still plan for a disaster

The growing threat of cyber attacks has moved IT disaster recovery planning up the agenda for many small businesses, but why pay every year for something you are never likely to use? Instead of outsourcing the entire responsibility for disaster recovery to external service providers, it’s possible for smaller businesses to plan and protect their … Continue reading Smaller businesses should still plan for a disaster

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Work experience placement gives student ‘real life’ experience

June saw us welcome the first of this Summers 3 work experience students to Quiss Technology. As Head of Talent Management here at Quiss, I can’t stress how important it is to give students on-hand real life work experience. Not everything can be taught in the classroom and for students to have the opportunity to … Continue reading Work experience placement gives student ‘real life’ experience

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