IT Disaster Recovery

It’s important to remember, the more comprehensive the IT disaster recovery plan, the better chance the business has of recovering from the disaster.

As part of any IT Disaster Recovery contract, Quiss will fully document and test recovery procedures in accordance with the particular needs of your organisation.

A contract with Quiss ensures unrivalled recovery times; we can have hardware commissioned, operating systems loaded and disks configured within 7 working hours. A business can be up and running within 24 hours from disaster notification.

Disaster Recovery Ship to Site service
We have four service levels available, to allow you to decide the response you need should the worst happen:

Ship to Site Basic – hardware only shipped to site within 24 hours of notification of disaster. Use of hardware for up to 8 weeks, with the option to purchase hardware at RRP. No operating system or application load is included with this option and we take no responsibility for the state of backups.

Ship to Site Bronze – hardware only shipped to site within 24 hours of notification of disaster. Use of hardware for up to 8 weeks, with the option to purchase hardware at RRP. Client supplies operating system license details and we load base operating system, but not applications or data. Again we take no responsibility for the state of backups.

Ship to Site Silver – hardware commissioned and deployed within 24 hours of notification of disaster. Initial configuration undertaken, with the operating system, the applications and data loaded on- site, with full on-site support and use of the system for up to 8 weeks, although extended periods are available. This option also includes a comprehensive Disaster Recovery test.

Ship to Site Gold – This service includes everything provided as part of the ‘Silver’ package, but additionally includes daily backup checks, month-end tape verification, and off-site tape storage.

Only pay when it happens
We continually evolve our services to ensure we have solutions to match the requirements of organisations of all sizes and complexity. This determination to innovate led to the development of our Inactive/Active Disaster Recovery solution, which addresses the needs of smaller organisations, looking to protect their future, without spending large amounts of money.

Inactive/Active Disaster Recovery relies on an assessment of your IT infrastructure, with a record of all the information necessary to create a copy of this IT environment at extremely short notice – often within hours. The snapshots taken of each physical or virtual server supported are then stored at our disaster recovery centre and the process then becomes Inactive.

All the server space is guaranteed, along with the power and communications needed to turn this virtual, inactive environment live, if disaster strikes. Importantly for smaller firms, after the initial consultation fee, the only cost until the service is required is a small annual charge.

When required, the service becomes Active and you supply the latest backed-up data, sending your tapes, disks or hard drives by courier if necessary. Only at this point do the costs associated with new hardware, software licensing etc., become chargeable and these are usually covered by business insurance.

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