Global manufacturer reaps huge benefits from video conferencing

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With over 40 years’ experience, our client is the largest manufacturer of own label and branded disposables in Europe.

They employ over 2,000 people across Europe and Asia from 4 different manufacturing sites and 5 regional sales offices.


With multiple sites around the globe, it was a very expensive and time consuming exercise conducting face to face meetings between their staff.

Our client also trades in countries where they do not have an office again meaning that travel could be time consuming and expensive.

Our client was looking for a Video Conferencing solution that they could use to meet with clients and peers around the world and ultimately modernise the way in which they do business.


We provide many different Video Conferencing systems but our most popular one is LifeSize. This solution is a standards based Video Conferencing solution that allows you to connect to other standards based Video Conferencing solutions even if the manufacturer is different.

The system we implemented for our client is a Cloud based system. This eradicates the need to purchase any further server infrastructure and allows the end user to use not only the room based systems that they have purchased but also an application that can be downloaded for free on to your smart phone laptop or tablet.

The system also allows the client to share any documentation or other materials that they have on their machine, or smart phone with participants of the call.

Our customer can now send out a guest request to anyone across the globe. This will enable the recipient to talk to our customer via a video call even if they do not have a Video conferencing solution. All they need is a laptop or PC with a web camera, microphone and speakers.

The system that we have implemented has revolutionised the way that meetings take place and has cut the expenditure of travel costs to a bare minimum.


Our customer is now able to meet with anyone across the globe via a Video Conferencing solution. They can do this even if the people they are trying to meet with do not have a video conferencing tool.

Our customer is able to share data via the system as well, making the meeting feel as real as possible.

The users also have the facility to record video should they want to, which is brilliant for training staff or simply referring back to a meeting.

The main benefit however is cost. This has changed the way our customer works and has slashed what they have to spend on travel. Even after initial set up costs, they are financially much better off.

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