Business Continuity solution wins new business for client

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Our client supplies a range of specialist outsourced services across the UK.

This includes home emergency response, claims management and other testing and investigation services.


As a call centre, our customer is relied upon by their customers to take calls from people that are reporting insurance claims and emergency home improvement needs.

Our customer’s clients are insurance vendors and emergency repair centres and being able to take calls 24/7 is a key business requirement.

In order to win new business and tenders that were being published, our customer had to show that in the event of a disaster, their business would still be able to function and service as normal.


Our customer had already implemented a very structured Disaster Recovery plan however there was a key element missing and that was work place recovery.

All their systems are highly available and are in fact supported by ourselves meaning that they can be accessed from anywhere. This means any staff can access their desktop on any device, at anytime, anywhere in the world.

However in the event that the buildings in which our clients work from, became inaccessible, they would have no way of policing what their staff were doing and if they were actually working at all. For this reason we have implemented our Business Continuity solution.

This service allows a number of employees to be re-sited at our Business Continuity Suite at our headquarters. Here they have access to a secure dedicated office for all workers, PC’s and printers, stationary, desks and chairs and a secure car park.

The users can then work as normal from our premises until the building they own or reside in is secure and safe enough to return to.

With our Business Continuity solution, we also include a scheduled test throughout the year which keeps the service up to date. This exercise involves a group of selected staff working as though they were unable to access their building and instead working from our Business Continuity Suite.


Our client now has a complete Disaster Recovery solution that not only looks after their backend server infrastructure but also caters for where their end users will work from if a disaster ever occurs.

Now that this service is in place, our customer is able to win new business that wouldn’t have been available to them before as the lack of an emergency backup plan would have been seen as too great a risk for many of their potential clients.

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