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Mayfair Loans & Investments Limited (MLI) is a leading company in its field, with several divisions offering a range of services, including; short term, high value loans; Gold Bullion purchase and supply for wholesale re-distribution and retail of exceptional watches and jewellery.

The business is focused on delivering a first class, personal service for its clients, utilising the appropriate contact channels, whilst ensuring its people have the necessary technology to achieve their objectives.

Mayfair Loans & Investments delivers a nationwide service from offices in London Mayfair, Birmingham City Centre and Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.


Mayfair Loans & Investments is one of the largest private firms in London and Birmingham offering its range of specialised financial services, including the recentlymadded service of providing secure deposit box rental at key locations across the country.

All the services are delivered with the same focus on providing a high quality, discrete service that might necessitate personal contact at all times of the day or night. Recognising the advantages technology can deliver for a service-led business, Mayfair Loans & Investments drives quality procedures and growth through the appropriate exploitation of the latest technology.

In order for Mayfair Loans & Investments to become a true technology focussed firm, it identified a requirement for a new phone system that offered greater connectivity across the firm’s different offices.

The previous phone system used legacy equipment with a mix of analogue and digital handsets, which proved difficult and expensive to purchase to meet the demands of a growing workforce. Unfortunately each system acted independent of the others and there was no real interconnectivity between the sites.

Qvoice worked closely with Director Brian Ware, to provide the optimum solution for Mayfair Loans & Investments, whilst ensuring costs were kept to a minimum.

Brian commented on the situation: “Although aware of the short-comings of our existing phone system, the challenge for Qvoice was to demonstrate that deploying an Internet Telephony (IP) solution would not only reduce our costs, but deliver the promised increase in productivity. “If it could do all that whilst improving our customer service, which will undoubtedly lead to increased business growth, it would be a hard argument to resist.”


Following an extensive audit of the current situation, Qvoice recommended a Hosted Telephone Communications solution for Mayfair Loans & Investments, running on a secure and resilient advanced VoIP Communications Platform.

The solution has been designed to allow for expansion at each location or the addition of new offices as dictated by future growth. The advanced solution can be expanded to allow up to 1000 concurrent calls to be configured on the network.

SIP networking supports signalling between the gateways at each site across the data network. This allows transparent features such as networked hunt groups, desk-to-desk dialling, calling name and number, (CLI), networked hot-desking, busy lamp fields across sites and ring groups to be easily activated between sites.

Brian continues: “With the Qvoice solution everyone across the business received the same high level of service. They all got caller ID and the message light on their phone, all things that may sound trivial to those outside our business, but in a service industry like ours, time is money and staying connected with your clients is crucial. “So, if you come back to your desk and see a message light flashing you know immediately that a client is trying to get hold of you and you can quickly pick up the message and return the call, enhancing our already good reputation for a high quality customer service. The new system also allows us to overflow a ringing call in one office to any other, through visual awareness or automatically, which helps ensure we don’t keep our clients waiting. “I’m impressed, not only with the technology, but the service we received from Qvoice, who were determined to deliver the solution that best suits our unique needs, rather than what was easiest for them. “We have certainly experienced the promised uplift in productivity and the customer service central to our offering is further enhanced by this technology.”


Improved commercials on wholesale line rentals (WLR) and outbound calls combined with installing the solution on a part purchase, part rental option ensured we were able to deliver the required upgrade for Mayfair Loans & Investments, without them having to invest heavily in new equipment.

Given their focus on a personal, first-class customer service, it was imperative that we provided a smooth and trouble free transition from the old legacy operation to the new technology solution.

A proven, feature-rich, resilient, highly flexible, easily expandable and future proofed solution, not only increases business capacity but also helps Mayfair Loans & Investments deliver even greater professionalism in handling each customer interaction, along with improving collaboration within the business.

The new solution offers a significantly more durable Disaster Recovery Process for their voice network and provides real peace of mind that if anything untoward occurs, everything is backed up.

Brian concludes: “Qvoice has provided an outstanding service around installation, maintenance and support, together with having designed a bespoke solution thatcaters for all our needs and you can’t ask for any more than that.”

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