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When an organisation purchases new IT equipment, it is automatically covered by a warranty that lasts for a pre-defined time. After this time has ended, the customer has three options – replace it, cover it with a post warranty care pack, or do nothing.

Doing nothing makes the hardware very vulnerable. Should there ever be an issue whilst that it is not covered by a warranty, it would make the rectification time a lot slower.

It did not make financial sense for our customer to replace all of their IT equipment once the warranties had finished.

This just left the option of a Post Warranty break fix solution. Quiss were able to provide this package for them which now covers all of the servers on site. These servers play a very important part in the running of the business so having minimal down time as possible was key.


Our Post Warranty solution covers all of the servers in the business. In this instance it also includes specified software on the infrastructure.

With this solution, Quiss supports every item the client has that does not have a valid manufacturer’s warranty attached to it.

To make the process as efficient as possible, there is an automated system in place which ensures nothing is ever left off cover.

As soon as a new printer is purchased, it is automatically added to their inventory. This then generates a notification when the standard warranty runs out. At this point, the post warranty break fix solution kicks in which ensures there is continuous cover on every piece of equipment.

The support function includes all hardware required to fix any issues they have with the equipment that we cover as well as unlimited engineering onsite during predefined support hours.

Everything within our contract adheres to very strict service level agreements (SLA’s).


This support mechanism enables the customer to sweat their assets a lot longer than if the equipment wasn’t covered.

All hardware that fails gets fixed quickly (within agreed SLA’s) enabling the customer to continue working and minimising down time.

If we are unable to fix the equipment on site then we will automatically replace it meaning they are up and running again in the quickest possible time.

With our extended warranty, the equipment that the customer uses lasts a lot longer than if the equipment wasn’t covered.

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